St Ambrose High - Character and set design

These are coming along really well!  I love the mad scientist and his machine. Great to see some animation practice has started. Try colouring the fish in on the back so they can switch to swimming the other direction too. 

Cardinal Newman zombie film

Ideas are coming along nicely for this groups film about zombies invading their school!!  

Coltness High - More models

The group now have 5 animation models on the go. Plasticine legs and face skin has appeared and some wire fingers glued on. Can't wait for the hair to appear! 


Coltness High - Fire film

I've started working with a small group of pupils at Coltness High School in North Lanarkshire. They're going to make a model stop motion film about the dangers of setting fires, to be shown to primary school children. 

So far we have an outline of a great story and some models started. Last session before summer soon and then continue after summer. Cant wait!

XL St Maurice's - Artwork and ideas

The 3 film ideas from the class are coming along well. Here's the story development from the groups.

The "catronaut" story is coming along with work developing on creating characters and props as you may have seen from the pictures.

The "Mickey Mouse" story involves a wedding between Mickey and Minnie which is halted due to an objection from a Family Guy character (?!). 

The third story is the one where the boys have developed the person falling from the plane scenario and a "dead cat" bounce as the falling man squashes some unfortunate passer by.

XL starting up again

Well, its January again and the only thing that gets me through the winter days is seeing the school groups in North Lanarkshire developing funky ideas for cartoons. Animation Jam work with the XL Groups within the high schools each year as part of the Princes Trust's 'Arts and Employability' program. We teach them how to make their own animated film and, with the support of their teachers, they finish it for an early April deadline.

I hope to post some of their ideas as they develop here.