St Ambrose High - Character and set design

These are coming along really well!  I love the mad scientist and his machine. Great to see some animation practice has started. Try colouring the fish in on the back so they can switch to swimming the other direction too. 

Coltness High - More models

The group now have 5 animation models on the go. Plasticine legs and face skin has appeared and some wire fingers glued on. Can't wait for the hair to appear! 


Kinross High - Models gaining flesh!

The skeletons are complete and now for clothes of fabric and plasticine. Messy business, especially when trying to blend plasticine to make specific colours! Here are some of the works in progress. 

St Ambrose - Actually animating!

The class have animated their first scene and been practising for other scenes. Going great so far. So many characters in this film....lots of cutting out!

St Ambrose High - Artwork and story

St Ambrose have the record for 'most places visited in one short cartoon' ! Big question is "Where's the main character!!!??"  Haven't seen him yet. 

Braidhurst High excel in character design

Amazing and detailed 2D characters made by 3XL at Braidhurst. Front and back views of the puppets are spot on! Cant wait to see them animating. Olaf will be proud! 

Braidhurst animation update

We've had an update from the 3XL class at Braidhurst High. One pupil emailed Animation Jam with this. 

Hi Jim,
We are busy drawing our characters for our film. We are trying them on paper before we draw them on card. This way we can see what they look like on our backgrounds. please find attached photographs
— Lauren G