XL St Maurice's - Artwork and ideas

The 3 film ideas from the class are coming along well. Here's the story development from the groups.

The "catronaut" story is coming along with work developing on creating characters and props as you may have seen from the pictures.

The "Mickey Mouse" story involves a wedding between Mickey and Minnie which is halted due to an objection from a Family Guy character (?!). 

The third story is the one where the boys have developed the person falling from the plane scenario and a "dead cat" bounce as the falling man squashes some unfortunate passer by.

XL St Maurice's - The stories begin

St Maurice's high school have started planning their films now so keep coming back to see how its developing. At the moment there are 3 short films in production and the groups are still developing their ideas. Bus some sketches of characters are coming along nicely. 

Rough ideas so far.....

  1. A planes engine blows out causing the plane to fall. The passengers start floating about and vomitting all over the place! The largest man on board gets sucked out of the door and falls to earth!! Not sure what happens next but it might involve bouncing!
  2. Space cats (catstronauts?) land their rocket on Mars. Theirs something there they want and they will take it at any cost! It might be milk or fishy related as it starts to rain milk at some point in the story (can't wait to see this) Only proble is the planet is not empty! Its inhabited by weird alien mice cratures who are pretty angry! Needless to say, there will be a battle!
  3. Not sure of the story yet, but a third film uses Micky and minnie Mouse in a brand new adventure. 

Keep expanding these stories groups....we need scenes and backgrounds and lots of clever ways to win any battles. think of what that kind of creature would want or like and make jokes out of it! have fun.