Auchtertool Primary - Characters almost finished!

Ready to animate soon. The 2D puppets are great. Cant wait to see the 3D king animated in his throne!

Auchtertool Primary - New designs

The P4,5,6 class at Auchtertool have had a great day designing al the main characters and backgrounds. Next week we make finished 2D puppets and full size scenery. 

Auhtertool Primary, Fife - A new story

We've had one session with the P5,6,7 class at Auchtertool and an amazing story has already developed. It's all about a bunch of children who find part of the lost treasure from King Charles' sunken ship the 'Blessing of Burntisland'. 

Of course, its going to be a pirate story and with amazing characters like Captain Cakebeard and Victoria Sponge, it's going to be funny too! Next week we get the story finished and get some 2D and 3D puppets made. Can't wait!