Kinross High - Models finished?

It looks like these models are done.....maybe a few final touches next week. Hmm....must be a few I missed photographing....will get good snaps next session. 

So what's been done this week? 

  • Lots of real wool hair glued on with our trusty hot glue gun ( I still have the scars!)
  • A paper tattoo added to Abe
  • The red headed lady now has great clothes complete
  • The gold mechanical dragon has metal details and a face (done with black and red permanent pen)
  • An amazing kilt is fixed onto our jolly scotsman
  • The dwarf looks brilliant with his fabric belt and buckles.

Kinross High - Very technical!

Really impressed with the group at Kinross High today. They really worked hard to get the models nearly finished. lots of hair glued in place and more of those golden scales on the dragon! Well done dudes!

Kinross High - Models gaining flesh!

The skeletons are complete and now for clothes of fabric and plasticine. Messy business, especially when trying to blend plasticine to make specific colours! Here are some of the works in progress. 

Kinross High - Making skeletons (armatures)

I'm really pleased how the group are getting on with the trickiest stage of making their animation models. The armatures (wire skeletons) are really handy for being able to bend characters into positions easier when animating. You can see the process in the photos. Aluminium wire is twisted together, padding is added (foam tape), a polystyrene skull is shaped and glued on. 

Next week......adding some flesh! Usually plasticine and fabric. maybe sculpt heads a bit. Cant wait....well done class!

Kinross High School - New model animation

I'm really excited to be teaching a group of S1 pupils at Kinross High how to make detailed models and do a short dramatic animation. We only have 6 one hour sessions but hopes are high. Here are their initial plans, come back to the blog to see their progress.