XL - Cumbernauld Academy - Initial film ideas

Squished up a few of the ideas from the class into one film. OK, so its basically a cook off programme hosted by Ainsley Harriot (famous celebrity chef) but the contenders are fantasy characters and action heroes! 

So far we have Shrek, a ninja, a knight and a dragon. Other possibles include Peter Pan, Rapunzel and a dog! Ainsley will introduce the new cooks who will each try to cook a special dish. 

Animation Jam's Tips

  • Keep each character's little bit of animation simple. 
  • Could make the dish they're cooking sort of related to them (like a dog could make bone pie)
  • Keep the special way they cook also related to themselves. You mentioned that the dragon would cook food with fire. Sounds great. 
  • A small group can make all the bits for one characters cooking session. They could have a part of the kitchen each (so each make a new kitchen backdrop) 
  • Characters could travel out of the kitchen (to get an ingredient) This must be brief and not be a massive story itself! 
  • I want to see rough plans written them to Animation Jam