Braidhurst High excel in character design

Amazing and detailed 2D characters made by 3XL at Braidhurst. Front and back views of the puppets are spot on! Cant wait to see them animating. Olaf will be proud! 

Braidhurst animation update

We've had an update from the 3XL class at Braidhurst High. One pupil emailed Animation Jam with this. 

Hi Jim,
We are busy drawing our characters for our film. We are trying them on paper before we draw them on card. This way we can see what they look like on our backgrounds. please find attached photographs
— Lauren G

Braidhurst High - Initial ideas

WOW! Already had a great draft of an idea from the class at Braidhurst High. Here it is:

The kids are working on an idea where the teacher of an unruly class turns into the Hulk causing the kids to run into a cupboard only to appear in Narnia where they are confronted by Olaf the snowman (from Frozen) whom they kill. The teacher then wakes up and realises it was all a dream.

Can't wait to start seeing artwork......storyboards are already started. 


XL starting up again

Well, its January again and the only thing that gets me through the winter days is seeing the school groups in North Lanarkshire developing funky ideas for cartoons. Animation Jam work with the XL Groups within the high schools each year as part of the Princes Trust's 'Arts and Employability' program. We teach them how to make their own animated film and, with the support of their teachers, they finish it for an early April deadline.

I hope to post some of their ideas as they develop here.