Coltness High - Crazy hair!

Getting close to finished models for the film. Also had some help from Mr Swinton getting the backgrounds started. Lighting is going to be so professional too with amazing array of coloured LED spotlights. 

Coltness High - More models

The group now have 5 animation models on the go. Plasticine legs and face skin has appeared and some wire fingers glued on. Can't wait for the hair to appear! 


Kinross High - Models gaining flesh!

The skeletons are complete and now for clothes of fabric and plasticine. Messy business, especially when trying to blend plasticine to make specific colours! Here are some of the works in progress. 

Kinross High - Making skeletons (armatures)

I'm really pleased how the group are getting on with the trickiest stage of making their animation models. The armatures (wire skeletons) are really handy for being able to bend characters into positions easier when animating. You can see the process in the photos. Aluminium wire is twisted together, padding is added (foam tape), a polystyrene skull is shaped and glued on. 

Next week......adding some flesh! Usually plasticine and fabric. maybe sculpt heads a bit. Cant wait....well done class!